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Founded in 1986, KTI - Plersch Kältetechnik GmbH is a family-run refrigeration company based in Balzheim, southern Germany.

With our own engineering, manufacturing and service teams, we are your reliable partner for all refrigeration challenges.

Over the past 35 years, KTI has built up a strong network of sales and service subsidiaries, sales representatives and service partners worldwide in order to offer our international customers the best possible support.



KTI CryoMedWhat inspired us?


At KTI CryoMed, we have worked intensively on various approaches for the perfect storage of temperature-sensitive substances. The topic of sustainability, energy efficiency was just as important as the environment. The corona pandemic has accelerated the issue and brought it to everyone's lips. We have dealt with the following questions during the development of our ultra-low temperature storage:

  • How can the shelf life of temperature-sensitive substances be extended?
  • How can temperature-sensitive substances be produced in a predictable, efficient and interim stored manner? 
  • How can vaccines be reliably transported and temporarily stored without affecting efficacy?
  • What other mRNA-based substances require ultra-low temperatures?
  • How can we avoid the disposal of unused substances?
  • What other areas can our ultra-low temperature storage positively impact through innovation

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