We exclusively use natural refrigerants such as air for the ULT chamber, as well as CO2 and propane for the air lock zone. This guarantees the use of our ULT solutions for decades, regardless of the phase-out of synthetic refrigerants.


High energy efficiency due to our two-chamber principle, which avoids a high intake of heat and moisture from the outside air. Our innovative air circulation technology is most efficient at temperatures around -80°C. Air as a refrigerant is free of charge and therefore our technology is very economical in operation.


Innovative technology with only one compressor compared to cascade systems, which depend on the operation of several compressors. Our technology is phase-change-free, oil-free and wear-free due to the air bearing.


Our ULT storages are plug-and-play, with integrated machine room for easy transport and fast commissioning. No additional construction work is required. The ULT CSC-certified 40ft containers can be shipped worldwide.


Flexibly adjustable temperature from -30°C to -110°C, optimized for vaccine storage at -80°C.  Thus, our ULT solutions are suitable for the storage of various substances at the required temperature with a flexible interior.


Due to our compact design, a storage volume of 25 m³ is available, which can be easily supplemented in addition to existing bearings. The robust and innovative technology guarantees high availability with low maintenance.


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